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Published Works: A partial list of published science works by Valerie C. Coffey


For Photonics Spectra magazine:

The Reality of Intelligent Manufacturing
(Mar. 2020 cover story) 

High-Tech Lidar: The Future Looks Fly (Nov. 2019 cover story)

Smart Structures on the Rise (April 2019 cover story)

The Dawn of New Optics: Emerging Materials (Jan. 2019)

LIGO Continues Making Waves
(Nov. 2018 cover story)

Optics Transforming AR, Wearables and Beyond (Jan. 2018)

Spectroscopy for the Masses (Jun. 2017)

The Connected World: PICs in Data Centers and Telecommunications
(Jan. 2017)

Next-Generation Solar Technology: Thin Is In (Nov. 2015)

Applied Robotics: How Robots Are Changing Our World (June 2015)

Diode Laser Developments: Higher Power, Higher Brightness (May 2015)

Trends in New Materials (Jan. 2015)

Breaking Ground Now: Next-Gen Giant Telescopes (Nov. 2014, cover story)

Vehicle Vision Puts the "Auto" in Automobile (Sept. 2014)

The Incremental Quest for Quantum Computing (June 2014)

LEDs, Other Optoelectronic Components Merging for Emerging Applications (May 2014)

Trends in Imaging: The Future Looks Photonic (Jan. 2014, cover story)

Better Materials Mean Better Solar Cells (Sept. 2013)

Novel Fibers Use Space to Extend Capacity Limits (July 2013)

The Road from R&D to Commercialization (June 2013)

Advances in Standoff Detection (April 2013)

Photonics Companies Go Green, Naturally (Mar. 2013, cover story)

Photonics Accelerates Bandwidth Race (Feb. 2013, cover story)

Photonic Techniques Spark Manufacturing Revolution (Jan. 2013)

Plastic Optics Provide Precision (Dec. 2012)

Lasers Find Varied Uses in Space Applications (Nov. 2012, cover story)

For Unmanned Systems Magazine: 

Spectrum Evolution: The History of Multispectral Imaging from Military to the Masses
(Jan./Feb. 2020)

For BioPhotonics magazine:

Photobiomodulation Tools Highlight Research Needs (April 2019)

Bio-Inspired Photonics Comes Full Circle (Mar. 2018)

Beyond OCT: New Interferometric Imaging Techniques in Biomedicine (Jun. 2016)

Lasers Make Their Marks on Skin and Tissue Procedures (Jul/Aug. 2015)

The Promise of Advanced Laser-Based Therapy (Jul. 2014)

Seeing the Light: How Photonics Continues to Improve Eyesight (Apr. 2014, cover story)

Making Strides in Fourier Transform Spectroscopy (Mar. 2014)

Trends in Spectroscopy: IR, UV-VIS Techniques are Safe, Speedy and Skin-Deep   (Dec. 2013)

Optical Microscopy Quantifies Live Cells Without Labels (Oct. 2012)

For Optics & Photonics News and

TESS: The Little Satellite with a Big Job (Feb. 2020)

Integrated Lidar: Transforming Transportation (Sept. 2019)

Machine Vision: The Eyes of Industry 4.0 (July/Aug. 2018)

Optogenetics: Controlling Neurons with Photons (Apr. 2018 cover story)

The Age of OLED Displays (Nov. 2017)

Vision Accomplished: The Bionic Eye (Apr. 2017)

Advanced OCT: Making Waves in the Market (Sept. 2016)

Scatterings science news stories for OPN online and print (Apr. 2013 to Dec. 2015)

Industry news for (Aug. 2012 to Dec. 2015)

Hyperspectral Imaging for Safety and Security (Oct. 2015 cover story)

Materials & Photonics: Some Recent Developments (July/August 2015)

Where Light Meets Light: Bio-Inspired Photonics (April 2015, cover story)

High-Energy Lasers: New Advances in Defense Applications (Oct. 2014)

Imaging in 3-D: Killer Apps Coming Soon to a Device Near You! (June 2014)

Ultrafast and Ultrashort: Some Recent Advances in Pulsed Lasers (May 2014, cover story)

Sea Change: The Challenges Facing Submarine Optical Communications (Mar. 2014, cover story)

Precision Optical Process Inserts DNA Into Single Cells (Aug. 2013)

Butterfly Wings Inspire Designer Materials (July 2013)

The Tiniest Traps: Optical Manipulation Gets Smaller (April 2013, cover story)

Next-Gen Quantum Networks (Mar. 2013, cover story)

Multispectral imaging enters the mainstream (Jan. 2012, cover story)

Seeing in the Dark: Defense Applications of IR Imaging (April 2011, cover story)

Solar Concentrators: Using Optics to Boost Photovoltaics (Jan. 2011, cover story)

Scatterings news section (Sept. 2009)

For Encylopedia Britannica Book of the Year 2016:

Physics: Quantum Computing, Year In Review 2015 (Jan. 2016)


For EuroPhotonics magazine:

Newspace Launches Hyperspectral Imaging into Orbit (Winter 2019 cover story)

Augmented Reality Takes Shape (Summer 2018) 

Grid Connection Slow in Spite of PV Growth (Dec. 2012)

For Laser Focus World magazine and

PRODUCT FOCUS: How to select a wavelength meter (Aug. 2009)

How to choose a beam-profile measurement system (June 2009)

Laser-diode power-supply basics (Feb. 2009)

Optical table basics: from breadboards to vibration-control systems (Apr. 2009)

Spectroscopy: The answer to China's ills is in hand (Dec. 2008)

Photovoltaics: New efficiency records for triple-junction solar cells (Nov. 2008)

Single-photon exchange advances Earth-to-space quantum link
(July 2008)

QUANTUM OPTICS: Optical-lattice model shows cloaking of matter waves (June 2008)

Quasar produces dust (and jewels) in the wind (Dec. 2007)

LIQUID MIRRORS: Metal films may enable liquid lunar telescope
(Aug. 2007)

Images reveal best ever sunspot detail
(Jan. 2003)

Military program develops novel UV sources (June 2002)

Many-layered laser emits from 5 to 8 microns (May 2002)

Upward parallel beam improves laser guide stars (Apr. 2002)

Automakers turn to optoelectronics for safety (Oct. 2001)

FAME satellite enters building phase for 2004 launch (Jun. 2001)

DNA sequencing provides the key to the map of man (May 2001)

NEAR successfully lands on Eros
(Apr. 2001)

Far-off redshift confirms Big Bang cosmology (Feb. 2001)

Portable spectrometer monitors respiration (Feb. 2001 cover story)

YEPUN sees the light (Nov. 2000)

More Published Works By Valerie C. Coffey:

For Sky & Telescope magazine and (2006):

Hubble Confirms a Cosmic Jerk

National Park Service Tracks Light Pollution

New Hidden Milky Way Satellites

Solar Variations Not to Blame for Global Warming

Perseids perform!

Spring has sprung on Uranus

For Connector Specifier magazine and (2003-2006; publication ceased. Archives no longer available online):

Changing technology--even Flash Gordon couldn't have kept up

Environmental issues still hot and heavy

The whites of their eyes (article on RoHS)

Editor's Desk: One for the money, two for the show


End of the Gold Rush: Crash of the U.S. SREC Markets?
(Oct. 2011)

The True Cost of Solar: The Pressure's On (Jun. 2011)


Editing of Private Placement Memorandum for Athenian Venture Partners (2017).

Editing of academic medical journal submissions for the University of Montreal School of Pharmacy (2016-2019).

Ghost writing of technology blog post for Gooch & Housego (Jun. 2017), "The Evolution of Ultrafast, Ultra-Precise Beam Steering Techniques for Micro-Material Processing." 

Planetarium Show Script: "A Planet for Goldilocks," GOTO Inc. (Spring 2012)

Website: School Anger Management (SAM) Training, LLC: (2009)

Brochures: O-Liner Las Vegas: (2008)

Press releases: Ocean Optics: (2007)


Double Stars for Small Telescopes (catalog), Sissy Haas, Sky Publishing, 2006

A Year in the Life of the Universe, Rob Gendler, Voyageur Press, 2006

Patterns in the Sky, Ken Hewitt-White, for New Track Media Books, 2006

American Heritage Dictionary, 5th Edition, (2011) physics-related terms, Houghton Mifflin Trade and Reference Division, in production 2007

Astronomy Today
, 6th Edition, Eric Chaisson and Steve McMillan, (test bank questions), Pearson Addison Wesley Higher Education, 2009

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Physics, Concepts & Connections, 5th Edition, Art Hobson (online review questions), Pearson Addison Wesley Higher Education, 2009

College Physics, 9th Edition, Young and Gellar, 2011
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