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Valerie C. Coffey, Experienced Media Professional and Author

Valerie C. Coffey, BS Physics, MA Astronomy, founder and owner of Stellar Editorial Services, is an experienced media professional with a passion for astronomy and all things science. She shared her life-long love of astronomy in her early career as a program operator and education associate in several planetariums and observatories, where she worked with school children and the general public. She continued as an educator at Boston University and Bentley College where she taught the laws of the Universe to undergrads; and today she is a writer and editor in optics, photonics, astronomy, physics, and many other science and technology topics.

Her writing has appeared in many publications, including Laser Focus World, Photonics Spectra, BioPhotonics, WDM Solutions, Sky & Telescope, Connector Specifier, LEDs magazine, Encyclopedia Britannica, and Optics & Photonics News.

In addition to her experience writing news and technology features for consumer, academic, and business-to-business magazines, she has also authored numerous online news and industry articles, and is an experienced editor of journal submissions, dissertations, non-fiction science books, science textbooks, educational media, and contributed technology articles.

Valerie founded Stellar Editorial services in 2006 to offer specialty writing and editing for physical science & technology media that require more than just a proofreader. She combines her talent as a wordsmith with her background in physics and astronomy to deliver timely, professional-quality services with subject-matter expertise.

Prices vary by project.
Contact me [stellaredit (at) gmail] for a quote. Stellar Editorial Services is a location-independent business based on the west coast of the U.S.

Estimated pricing for technical line editing (proofing, style, formatting, rewriting, paraphrasing, content review) is $20.00-$30.00/page or $0.15-$0.33/word.

Estimated pricing for technical and science writing varies depending on the project.

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